D-Day in the New Forest Overview

Overlord Administrative Map 1944 - Area B, which covers the New Forest. Credit: D-Day Museum, Portsmouth

On the 6 June 1944 thousands of troops with their vehicles and supplies left Britain via locations such as Lepe Beach in the New Forest for the beaches of Normandy. This was D Day, the start of the great campaign to liberate Europe and to bring the Second World War to its end. This was only one part of a huge logistical operation that saw a hive of activity in and around the New Forest, from road widening to camps hidden in woods and from Mulberry to Pluto. We are continuing to expand our knowledge of some of the top secret New Forest activities, but know there is more to find so please do get in contact if you have anything to share, or upload an article on this site.

We have numerous D-Day articles, archives, archaeology and oral histories from around the New Forest on New Forest Knowledge and this article has been created to link them all and provide easy access to the more detailed content.

Advanced Landing Grounds and Air Operations

D Day Landing Craft

PLUTO (Pipeline Under The Ocean)

Memories and Oral Histories


D-Day Events and Memorials

Date: 1944

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