D-Day Camps in Roydon Woods. Marshalling Camp B8

Overlord Administrative Map 1944 - Area B, which covers the New Forest. Credit: D-Day Museum, Portsmouth

The remains of several WWII building platforms can be found in the Hampshire Wildlife Reserve at Roydon Woods. The variety of building platforms, concentrated in the north of the woods, show evidence of a camp, possibly the same one identified as Marshalling Camp B.8 (B8, B-8), on an Area B Overlord Administrative Map.

The photos show the Administrative map for the build up to D Day and some of the building bases as they were in May 2013.

If visiting the site at Roydon please respect the restriction of access to bridleways and permissive paths. The website below provides additional access information.

You can find out more about the New Forest’s vital role in D-Day from Mulberry Harbour, to holding camps, road widening, advanced landing grounds, PLUTO and Embarkation by visiting our main page on D-Day in the New Forest.

Date: 1944

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