Daily life at Winkton Airfield

©FONFA. Pilot 1st Lt Russell S. (Freddy) Fredendall, 507th Fighter Squadron, 404th Fighter Group, Ninth Airforce, U S Army with his ground crew.

All photos are credit Bill Lee via Friends of New Forest Airfields

Bill Lee was pilot with the 507th squadron of the 404th Fighter Group based at Winkton Advanced Landing Ground and a lifelong keen photographer. These are a few of the many photos he took of the 404th and Winkton, including some in colour.

Prepared in 1943 and opened in 1944, Winkton along with several other sites in the New Forest was selected for the construction of temporary Advanced Landing Ground airfield which would support the planned Allied invasion of Europe. Winkton was a home to the United States 9th Air Force’s 404th Fighter Bomber Group. The 404th consisted of 506, 507 and 508 squadrons, all of which operated the P47 Thunderbolt fighter. The operational role of the 404th was to use the P47 as a tactical fighter primarily deployed for ground attack. It was closed in September 1944.

Photos from FONFA

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Date: 1944

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