Memories of the build-up of troops and equipment leading up to D-Day

Lady Belinda Montagu
Author: Gareth Owen

An oral history interview with Lady Belinda Montagu.  Interview Date 22/11/13

Lady Belinda Montagu was a young girl at the start of the war but old enough to remember and witness the build-up of troops and equipment leading up to D-Day. Before going off to boarding school she was free to cycle or ride her pony with others across the Forest and thus able to observe the military activities close to her home on the Cadland estate. This included operations at Fawley, Calshot and Lepe, including the preparatory work needed for the D-Day invasion. Like many others of her age, she recalls the air raids and bombing of Southampton, rationing and meeting American troops. Altogether a realistic account of what life was like for a youngster living in the New Forest during the war years.


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Interviewed by: Sue Jackson
Transcription by: John Martin
Audio Editor: Cosmic Carrot

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