HM LCT 629 and Crew – Continued

HM LCT 629: Juno Beach, 6 June 1944
Author: Gareth Owen

The original article HM LCT 629 and Crew was seen by  Mr Bentley the last living crew members of HM LCT 629.

Mr Edward Bentley (Ted) agreed to be interviewed as part of the oral history element of the project. Ted was the First Lieutenant onHM  LCT 629 and in addition to his interview he has permitted a number of documents he holds to be scanned and added to the archive. These included three pages of HM LCT 574 Log Book, six pages of HM LCT 629 log Book and documents relating to Operation NEPTUNE.



  • Log Book HM LCT629 – 1944-06-01 (includes 2)
  • Log Book HM LCT629 – 1944-06-03 (includes 4, 5)
  • Log Book HM LCT629 – 1944-06-06
  • Log Book HM LCT629 – 1944-06-07 (includes 8, 9, 10)
  • Log Book HM LCT629 – 1944-06-16 (includes 17, 18)
  • Log Book HM LCT629 – 1944-06-19 (includes 20, 21)

More of Mr Bentley’s collection will be add as the interview is processed.

HM LCT 629 can bee seen on the right in photo titled “HM LCT 574: Almost finished unloading Canadian Troops at Mike Red on Juno Beach @ 15.00. 6 June 1944”.

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Date: 1944

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