Ibsley HF-DF Station – Overview

Looking over Ibsley HFDF site towards RAF Ibsley. The surviving brick blast wall would have enclosed an additional structure containing the working parts. Phtoto taken July 2012

The remains of a Direction Finding (DF) station can be found located on Ibsley Common, approximately 1.5 miles north east of Ibsley Airfield. DF stations were an advanced form of radio direction finding – a means of locating aircraft radio transmissions by identifying the direction from which they are strongest.

The site at Ibsley consists of a blast wall within which the main building, a 30 foot wooden tower, would have stood. Further east are the remains of a bunker and a building base that may have served as accommodation.

We have produced a 3D computer model of the site and a flyover short film but we still don’t know what is was like on the inside.  If you know how these types of sites worked please comment with information.

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You can have a play with our 3D model in the embedded Sketchfab model.

Ibsley HF-DF Station

As part of the project we have managed to install information panels on a few WWII sites including two relating to the HF-DF installation


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Date: 1943

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