Interpretation panels – Ibsley DF Station

Ibsley DF Station - New interpretation panel 2014
Author: Gareth Owen

A new panel is to be installed on the inside of the brick blast wall that once protected the top secret Direction Finding (DF) Station’s tower.

Not much is known about this site in particular but this and other top secret DF sites once plaid an important role in the fight to protect our airspace during the Second World War and help our pilots find their way home.

This panel links to another new panel being installed just inside the entrance way to the DF Station bomb shelter. Once it’s installed we will upload the full story here or you can take a nice walk and find the panel yourself.

This is one of a series of interpretation panels. You can find out about the rest here

You can find out more about Ibsley Airfield in this overview article, which has links to other articles relating to Ibsley Airfield.

Date: 2014

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