Interpretation panels

Lymington ALG - New interpretation panel installed 2014
Author: Gareth Owen

Working closely with volunteers and land owners in a number of locations across the New Forest we have been able to produce and have installed eight new interpretation panels.

At Lymington and Needs Ore ALGs we replaced ageing panels produced by Alan Brown some years ago. The new panels build on his work and that of the project to bring the most up to date information to visitors to these sites.

The remaining six are brand new (2014) and in new locations.  We hope visitors to these sites will gain a better understanding of the history and heritage of the sites they are visiting.

Panel locations are at:


The New Forest National Park Authority and the project team would like to thank:

Richard Channell
Charles Burnett
Newtown Park Estate

Chris Thomas
Ralph Montagu
Beaulieu Estate

Forestry Commission
National Trust

Graphical design and layout by:
India Rabey, The Way Design


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