Tank recovery and repair operations by 33rd Army Tank Brigade at Burley. 1942

©IWM H23400. Soldiers of the 33rd Army Tank Brigade prepare the stricken tank for recovery.

A series of photos showing a standard day of operations for the 33rd Army Tank Brigade carrying out ordnance, tank recovery and repair operations at Burley. The call comes into base about a broken tank on the New Forest and the men jump into action.

They successfully recover the tank using a Diamond T prime tank transporter from the open heath and bring it back to their woodland base for repair and an overhaul. Once work is completed and records are updated everybody’s thoughts and action turn to food and personal appearance. The final photo shows some of the men failing to remember not to pet or feed the locals or potentially adopting a local mascot. 

At the end of this series of photograph was IWM H 23425. A photograph showing a Vickers Light Tank AA Mk 1, a stop-gap anti-aircraft tank armed with four 7.92mm Besa machine guns.

There is also:

Tank Brigade manoeuvre en masse: Churchill tanks of 33rd Army Tank Brigade manoeuvre en masse.

Colour Photos of the 43rd Battalion: Colour Photos of the 43rd Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment, 33rd Brigade on exercise in the New Forest.

All Photos are credit: Imperial War Museum for Non-Commercial Use (Licence)

Date: 1942

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