Memories of the secret work at Millersford Range

Oral History Interview
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Author: Gareth Owen

An oral history interview with Barbara Smith.  Interview Date 22/09/13

Barbara worked at Millersford Range measuring the blasts from various bombs. She recalls mixing with very scholarly scientists whom she would never have met otherwise. She also very fondly remembers a lovely social life.

Interview Quick Clips

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Full transcription of interview recordings.
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Interviewed by: Sue Jackson
Transcription by: John Martin
Audio Editor: Cosmic Carrot

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Date: 1944
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  1. NFNPA Archaeology

    Barbara Smith (#19 in the photo: references my Mum and gives her married name — Betty Higgs rather than Betty Marshall. Barbara should know as she was a bridesmaid at Mum’s wedding!

    Barbara, along with Noah Pearce (#68), John Tomlinson, Ron Johnson, moved to Shoeburyness with Mum when Millesford closed down.

    Ian Higgs via email

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