Home Guard: Crofton collection

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Author: Gareth Owen

A collection of military orders, letters, defence plans and hand drawn maps lovingly kept in a huge elegant scrap book by Major Crofton’s father, Sir Morgan Crofton.

His father was 2nd Commander of the 9th Forest Battalion. Later a branch was formed in Christchurch which covered the south west area of the Forest, the 28th Christchurch Bay Battalion, and his father was Commander of this Battalion.  The documents relate to the Home Guard period and includes detailed maps drawn by his father and original documents.

One of the many hand drawn maps by Sir Morgan Crofton, shows the Brockenhurst Platoon Defence Scheme dated 1943.  This map shows the positions of HQ’s (company and platoon level head quarters), tank traps and other military buildings or posts.  Is it a unique collection of documentation that probably should have been destroyed once it was read.  We are very thankful to Major Crofton for allowing us to view and show his father’s collection.

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A number of photographs have been offered by St Barbe Museum showing the Home Guard and these have been link to this article.

Local historian John Pidgeon has also made some Home Guard papers available

Date: 1942

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