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Author: Gareth Owen

Crofton Additional Book: Part of the Crofton Collection

These are the pages and documents found in Collection’s Additional book. There are a total of 28 images.

It contains a range of documents including such things as:

  • Exercise Rameses 1943
  • Exercise Spring 1943
  • Chain of Command
  • Map – Avonmouth Company Boundry
  • Map of Avonmouth Company – Area Responsibility 1943
  • Notes on Procedure for Radio Telephones
  • Crofton Trace for – Chewton
  • Crofton Trace for – Highcliff
  • Crofton Trace for – Light AA – Lymington area
  • Crofton Trace for – Company Sectors – 12 June
  • UXB Report Form

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Date: 1943

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