Home Guard: Crofton Scrap Book

Author: Gareth Owen

Crofton Scrap Book: Part of the Crofton Collection

The “scrap book” forms the main bulk of the Crofton collection. This is volume two of the Sir Morgan Crofton’s scap books, with the first covering the First World War. The first few pages of this scrap book continue with Lt. Col. Sir Crofton’s time during the First World War, then the interwar period before starting in 1938 with the Second World War, which continues for some 20 pages.  The rest of the scrapbook was not copied, as part of the project, as it relate to the family.

This article holds the largest number of images of any article on the Portal with some 210 images of the documents held within these 20 pages of volume. These documents and the other documents held in the ledgers, that form this collection, give a unique insight in to the world of the Home Guard during WWII.

Unlike the TV series “Dads Army” it paints a picture of a dedicated, well-organized group of people with well thought through defensive strategies prepared to give their lives in the defense of this area, if the German ever invaded.  It is for future researches and historian to discuss how well these plans would have worked if the invasion had occurred.

The images start with the 20 pages, giving an overview of the material held there.  After these 20 images we take a closer look at the individual documents. Every page of every document included in the book has been photographed and is ordered by [page number]-[document number]: then a description and in some cases a date/year.

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Date: 1940

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