Home Guard: Mr Pidgeon

9th Hampshire New Forest Home Guard - Unknown
Author: Gareth Owen

A range of documents and photographs offered by Mr J Pidgeon

Twice monthly Southern Command Home Guard lists.

List 1 to 9 are massive and show all the initial appointments to Army rank in the Home Guard on 1/2/1942. Before then they had titles like Zone Commander, Company Commander, Section Commander etc. Early editions of the lists dont show which battalion they are, but I have worked that out from other sources. (I have 3 annual Home Guard lists for 1941, 1943 and stand down list Oct 1944)

SC HG lists 47 and 48 show formation of 28th Hants from Southern halves of 8th & 9th Hants

The originals are the copies issued to Major Henry Harold Stephen Bishopp 2 i/c of 7th Hants (Boscombe). The pencil marks by his hand show all the officers of 8th Battalion who transferred from Christchurch to 7th Hants Bn on 1/3/1943 as new E Company. The east side of the Avon at Christchurch remained with 8th Hants until 1/10/1942 when they became A Company (Avon Mouth) of new 28th Hants Battalion. Bishopp has annotated the first 25 issues with 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Hants but will have minimal New Forest interest. After that they all have battalion details in lists.

Home Guard lists PDF format:

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A whole load of other material relating to the New Forest Home Guard has been made available by the Crofton family. You can explore it all here: Home Guard: Crofton Collection

Date: 1942

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