What is a Group?

Groups are collections of individuals united by a purpose to explore, understand, conserve or research an aspect of the New Forest. They may be a local history or archaeology society, an animal or plant wildlife group, a cultural or artistic group, from an environmental or conservation organisation, researchers from a college, university or other organisation, or another such group.

To see examples of Groups, select Groups from the main menu. A list of them will be displayed. Click on any to see the details on its Group Page. This page also lists the articles that the Group has contributed.

Registering a Group

To apply to register a group, click on Contribute on any page and then on New Group. Complete the Add New Group page. This will normally be completed by the chairperson or secretary of the Group, and must have permission of the Group.

Before the Group is published on the New Forest Knowledge website, applications are reviewed by a member of New Forest Knowledge staff. If there are any queries about the application, they will be raised by email.

Enter the Title and Description which best describes the Group.

The Contact, Phone and Email should those of the chairperson, secretary or other person nominated to be the contact.

Enter the group’s Website address, if any, to allow New Forest Knowledge users to find out more about your group and possibly apply to join.

The Latitude and Longitude should be those which best locate the Group, or can be its meeting location.


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