BROOCH 282556

BROOCH 282556
Description: Incomplete Roman (AD 50 – 150) tinned copper alloy T-shaped brooch with tubular wings and a hinged mechanism, missing the lower bow and catchplate and the pin. It measures 25.04mm in incomplete length and weighs 4.6g. The wings are 23.95mm wide and the axis bar is still visible in the U-shaped cut for the (missing) pin. The wings are decorated to the front with four transverse ribs, flanking either open end. There is also a diagonal rib moulding either side of the bow where it extends from the top of the wings. It is 8.25mm wide here with a wide tapering V-shaped central raised area. Running down the centre of this is a rib decorated with tiny diagonal grooves. The bow here is mostly flat (3.24mm thick). As it tapers, it becomes rather more rounded in section. After 22.5mm, at the break, it measures 3.26mm in diameter. Tinning is apparent on the wings (between the various rib decoration) and the bow (on the raised V-shaped area).
Date: 50 - 150

Object type: BROOCH

Last import: August 15, 2017

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