BROOCH 1004632

Description: A Roman copper alloy knee brooch, dating to AD 150-300. The brooch has a sub-oval head-plate from the reverse of which expands a pair of perforated lugs, an axis bar and sprung pin have been lost. The bow of the brooch folls out of the head with a plano-convex cross section, with a broadly S-shaped profile. The bow is undecorated and expands into a pad-like foot. A small, abraded catchplate projects from the reverse. Length 32.3mm; Width 10.1mm; Thickness 5.7mm; weight 2.10g. cf. Bayley and Butcher (2005: 180) fig. 154 for similar brooches.
Date: 150 - 300

Object type: BROOCH

Last import: September 22, 2022

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