Description: A Medieval to Post-Medieval copper alloy seal ring, probably dating to AD 1400-1550. The ring consists of a plano-convex sectioned hoop with a circular bezel engraved with a retrograde lombardic N flanked by palms, within a circular border. Diameter 25.2mm; Height: 25.6mm; Width 5.2mm; width of bezel 10.8mm; thickness 3.7mm; Weight 6.23g. Harvey & McGuiness (1996: 93) note that this design of seal (the first intial crowned and/or flanked by branches) became especially frequent in the 15th century. Comparable examples from the Salisbury Museum collections are published by Cherry (1991: 46).
Date: 1400 - 1550

Object type: FINGER RING

Last import: September 22, 2022

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