Soldiers of the Parish of Redlynch

The vicar of Redlynch had reported that by mid-September twenty-seven local men were in the army or the navy, and a month later that figure had risen to fifty-six.  These figures did not include men from Morgan’s Vale and Woodfalls for, at that time, those areas were part of the parish of Downton.

By the end of the war over 350 men from the area from what is now the civil parish of Redlynch had served in the forces, more than fifty of them had lost their lives in the service of their country.  It is most probable that nearly all the population of this area (1,930 in 1921) in common with the rest of the country had lost at least one relative on active service.  One man who is on the Redlynch memorial, and who was killed in late 1918 had six brothers who had seen active service and a sister who had served as a nurse in France.

The following soldiers have their photographs shown here:

  • Albert Targett
  • William Targett
  • William Plaskett
  • Taunton Viney
  • Sidney Walter Hickman
  • Reg Nicklen Reg Amey
  • G H Rose
  • Fred Burnham
  • Ernest King
  • Walter King
  • Edward Shelley
  • Cecil Pilgrim
  • Alfred Edward Brown
  • William James Hand



Date: 1914

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