New Forest Round Up 1951

Film footage from British Pathe of New Forest Pony round up in 1951.

FILM ID:1295.13


C/U Little girl getting on pony. Group, with horses waiting. Party moving off on horseback through Stoney Cross where you can still see buildings surviving from the old airfield site. M/S Wild ponies grazing. (2 shots). Horseman signalling with whip. Ponies galloping across moor. L/S Ponies being rounded up. C/U Type looking through field-glasses. Group of ponies rushing past camera. L/S Ponies being rounded up. C/U Horseman coming through gorse. Another horseman galloping after ponies.

L/S Wild ponies running over moor, camera follows – Dissolve to- L/S and M/S Ponies being shepherded into paddock. C/U Girls watching. C/U and M/S Ponies in pen. M/S and C/U Man shearing tails of ponies. M/S Releasing pony which dashes off. M/S Small boy watching. L/S Mother and foal running across moor. Human mother and child watching. Mother and foal trotting down lane.

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Date: 1951

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