Hampshire Hombres – Flying G Ranch

Flying G Ranch Postcard. Credit: Susan Bailey

The Flying G Ranch was a western style riding guest ranch situated in The New Forest at Burley, Hampshire.

There is a website about the ranch with photos and memories from the guests created by a once regular guest Susan Bailey which can be seen here: Flying G Ranch

After discovering these videos on British Pathe and reading Susan’s website we would love to hear more stories and information about the ranch if you have them


A film from British Pathe about the Flying G Ranch, Burley, 1963

FILM ID:245.11


Story about the Flying G Ranch where friends and holidaymakers can enjoy “life on the range” and pretend to be cowboys. The ranch is owned by the transatlantic airline pilot Captain Leslie Gosling.

C/U of a gun being loaded with bullets, cut to show man in cowboy hat and glasses (looks a bit incongruous) who is holding the gun. Horses are saddled up for a ride.

Various footage of the holidaymakers riding their steeds around the ranch and out in open fields. They run into the local hunt which again looks strange – worlds colliding.

Nice majestic western music accompanies shots of the riders. C/U of hamburgers being barbecued as the ramblers return for an outdoor feast. Good shots of the food being distributed and the riders enjoying their meals. A young cowboy and cowgirl polish their saddles.

“We’ve never seen a sharpshooter in horn rimmed glasses before” quips the narrator as our friend from earlier shoots a few rounds and knocks down a few cans. The cowboys and cowgirls sit around on blankets listening to one of their group playing the guitar. I want to go.

Outtakes from the Hampshire Hombres Film 1963 on British Pathe


FILM ID:245.12

Description: Much the same footage as made it to the cut story but longer sequences and repetitions of same footage with slight differences. More footage of the riders in the countryside and riding along a country road.

Date: 1960

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