Landford Home Guard group photo

Landford Home Guard group photo
Author: Gareth Owen

Ivan Winter has collected the names of those shown in the Landford Home Guard group photo. Many of these names were added by Reg Drew and Dorothy Winter [Ivan’s Aunt].

If you can identify any of the unknown names or wish to correct or add any information please get in touch.

Bottom row seated from the left:

1st       Unknown
2nd      Sid Hayes – fought in the Boxer uprising in China.
3rd       Eddie Reynolds.
4th       Joe Mowlem.
5th       Stan King
6th       Mr Densham local farmer. [Manor farm]
7th       Mr Lankford Ex Chief Petty officer in the navy.
Mr Lankford took it very seriously. When the home guard were issued with a gun he visited my Gran and told her in the event of invasion he would place the gun in her house to cover the main road. The answer was not co-operative.
8th       Walt Jones.
9th       Scriven.
10th     Alf Andrews.
11th     Noel Lambert.
12th     Unknown
13th     Unknown

2nd Row up from left:
1st        Doug Small
2nd       Reg Holder
3rd        Ern Pierce
4th         ?…. Mowlem
5th         Jim Fox
6th         Reg Drew
7 8 910 & 11    unknown.
12th       George Alford.

3rd row up from left:
1 to7       unknown
8th           Reg King
9 &10      unknown
11th l       Mowlem?
12th         Arthur Hatch
13th         Les Hart

Top (Back) row from the left:
1st & 2nd  unknown
3rd             Albert Winter [Ivan’s uncle]
4th 5th and 6th     unknown
7th              Bill Hatcher, [worked at Bridge farm with Reg Drew]
8th              Henry Bell
9th              unknown
10th           Cyril Holdup
11th            unknown

Uploaded on behalf of Ivan Winter

Date: 1939

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