Buckler’s Hard in 1936 – Video

Film footage from British Pathe of Bucklers Hard in 1936.

Pathe visits Hampshire to see where old wooden battleships were built. This footage shot in 1936 portrays a sleepy hamlet, just before the outbreak of war which saw the river closed and the site become the base for repairing motor torpedo boats.

Film ID:1226.30

Description: River Beaulieu, Hampshire.

Various shots of the river. Cows drink in the shallows and boats sail up and down. Various shots of the River at Buckler’s Hard where many ships were built in previous times. Shots of HMS Victory in Portsmouth and other wooden built warships showing the type of ship that was once built there. Various shots of the village. Shots of the old Church with its bell and statue of Madonna and child. More shots of the river and banks.

Date: 1936

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