Britain’s Bid For Schneider Cup – 1925

Capt. Broad's Gloster-Napier III leaving the slipway or its first test flight. In the background may be seen the Supermarine-Napier S.4, and, on the right, some of the American seaplanes

Film clips from British Pathe show the preparations for Britain’s Schnieder Cup team at Calshot before heading to Chesapeake Bay in America to challenge the hosts after their victory at Cowes in 1923 and then in 1924 by default of no nations challenging them.

In the Americans won again, ahead of the British Gloster Napier III flown by Captain Broad at 199mph and the Italian entry. Two British planes did not compete as both R. J. Mitchell’s Supermarine S.4 and the other Gloster III were damaged before the race.

You can read more about the Schneider Cup competition and the various years in the overview article here: Schneider Trophy Overview

Britain’s Bid For Schneider Cup – 1925

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Title Reads: BROAD, CAPTAIN. Britain’s bid for Schneider Cup. After persistent ill luck Captain Broad obtains second place on his Gloucester Napier 3 at speed of over 199 miles per hour.

Description: Multiple shots of Captain Broad putting his flying helmet on, he is stood in front of his seaplane. Close up of his face. Multiple shots as he climbs into the ‘plane. M/S as it floats on the sea then speeds off. Multiple shots as it is wheeled out of the shed. Multiple shots of the crew of five stood by the ‘plane.

Multiple shots as the seaplane is wheeled out again. Multiple shots of the ‘plane, various shots of the crew, the camera pans across them. Multiple shots as they turn the propeller. Multiple shots of the aeroplane, various shots as it is led out. Multiple shots as it starts up, various people mill about.

British Pathe also has footage of the actual competition in America that can be viewed on their site: Sport: 1925 Schneider Cup Trophy: Usa Victory 1925


Date: 1925

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