Beryl House, an anecdote about Jack Hargreaves

Through Our Ancestors’ Eyes

Interview with Beryl House at her home in East End on 16th May 2016 by Jo Ivey

Duration 1:32

Jack Hargreaves’ Story.

Beryl:  Umm, Jack Hargreaves came here one day, and I looked out and I could see him leaning over the gate, looking into the yard and Bill was milking out there, and he – Bill put his head out round and he saw Jack there, so he came across and he said, “Umm”, you know, “What can I – Can I help you?”, you know.

 And Jack said “I was wanting to know what the price of New Forest ponies are?”

 And Bill looked up and he said, “Are you buying or selling?” (Beryl laughs).

 He (Jack) said, “That’s a good question!” And he said, “No, I’m buying”; so then Bill upped the price a little bit!

JI:  Because Jack Hargreaves used to live up at Monkshorn didn’t he?

Beryl:  That’s right, yes we went up and had supper with them one night, and the whole, like, the family; but it wasn’t home, it wasn’t home. The old farm house was great big open fire… No, it didn’t look like home.  It didn’t mean a lot to us really, but it was very nice of them asking us.

Clare Bates

May 2016

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