Beryl House, Transcript 1, Part 2

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Beryl House Part 2 Duration 6:02

JI:  We will pass that over to Clare now.  And while she does that, we’ll have a look at the next one. (BH003)

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Beryl:  I’ve got a job to see that one.

JI:  The scanner will see it.

Beryl:  Yeah.

JI:  What’s that one then?

Beryl:  That one is a collection of New Forest ponies that were for a Beaulieu Road sale, I would think somewhere around the nineteen thirties; in that year I would think, umm,  because they used to have the sale on the opposite side to where they have it now, and  they used to collect them in the – apparently there was a station that had a little bit of ground there – and  they used to collect there and they used to take them – I suppose there were no conveyances then – but they used to tie them on alongside of another pony and take them up to Beaulieu Road  and they’d sell them and I take that at the back there, I think that is –

JI:  The right hand side, yes.

Beryl:  I think that is Hubert Forward.

JI:  Right.

Beryl:  And I imagine this to be either the auctioneers, but I…  I can see them better on that one.

JI:  We’ll have a look at the other one in a minute then, maybe see it better.

Beryl:  Yes I’ve got a feeling,

JI:  We can blow it up and –

Beryl:  Yes I got a feeling that is, that could be Bill’s father there.

JI:  Right next to building?

Beryl:  Yes.  And then there’s Fred Kitcher who lived here at Bridge Farm.  Um m I think that’s him there.

JI:  Oh yes, near the middle there.

Beryl: Yes. I haven’t got my magnifying glass so I could see, but apparently the, you know, the station was there and whether some of the ponies were transferred into livestock, umm, carriages, I got a feeling that they were.

JI:  A lot of them were taken away by rail weren’t they?

Beryl:  Yes.

JI:   Went up to the mines a lot of them.

Beryl:  Yes, yes so that’s all I know about that one. (BH004 is presented)

Image described in the text

Now this one – that is Hubert Forward.

JI:  On the right hand end there?

Beryl:  Yep, Yep. That, the next one, is Fred Kitcher.  You see he’s got some tied on the side of his horses but I don’t know who these were, whether – whether they’re the station masters or auctioneers, I don’t know; but that is Bill’s father.

JI:  Right in the middle there?

Beryl:  Yes.  And of course he’s got his tied on the side.  I think sometimes they used to take a horse and cart and they’d tie so many on the back of the cart and take them up.  ‘Course there wasn’t the conveyance that there is now, I mean most people got a horse box, but umm.

JI:  And that was in the nineteen thirties?

Beryl:  I would think it was in the nineteen thirties, because Bill was born in twenty-eight. And I mean, I – He couldn’t – I ‘spect he could remember, but he wasn’t involved, so he wouldn’t have been very old; but I reckon that’s about it.

JI:  And was this the photograph that Jack Hargreaves took?

Beryl:  He didn’t take it. He took it to Southern Television – this one – and he had it redeveloped, sort of; brought out much clearer.  He was quite a, you know, he thought it was a lovely picture and it needed, sort of improving, like, and he brought it back with a frame, but I can’t find it, I don’t know where I put it.   I know I let the Pony Breeders have it, but I’m sure it came back from there; I’ve got a feeling [name withheld] brought it back, but I can’t think where it went.

JI:  Well we’ll see if we can locate it for you. But we can certainly try and do another one with modern technology. It’s a lovely photograph, isn’t it.

Beryl:  Oh it’s a lovely picture. So, I’ve also got – I don’t know if you want to see a commoners wedding? (BH005).  

(Laughs, various noises, microphone displaced)

JI:  Yes…….When was this?

Beryl:  This was last year (2015) August the fifteenth, and I thought it was such a lovely picture, it was up on a hill and looked right out over the Forest, she always wanted to get married in the Forest.

JI:  And that’s [name withheld]?

Beryl:  Yes.  And that’s [name withheld].  And that’s their little boy down there.

JI:  That is lovely isn’t it?

Beryl:  Yes it’s a lovely picture.

(Recording continues briefly with non-relevant conversation)

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