Avon Valley Geophysics and the LoCATE project – Abstract

Author: Nfknowledge

The following paper was presented at the New Forest Knowledge Conference 2017 entitled: New Forest Historical Research and Archaeology: who’s doing it? Below you will find the abstract of the paper and a video of the paper given if permission to film it was given by the speaker.


Mike Gill, Avon Valley Archaeological Society


The LoCATE project is a joint partnership between Bournemouth University and the New Forest National Park Authority, aimed at providing training in and access to advanced archaeological survey equipment.  AVAS members have been successful in applying this training to the investigation of a range of sites in the vicinity of the Avon Valley, with impressive results.  By describing these geophysics surveys, this talk aims to inspire local heritage groups in the New Forest area to add geophysics to their toolkit of landscape research.

Date: 2017

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