AWL 814405

AWL 814405
Description: A probably complete cast copper-alloy awl of uncertain date. One end of the awl is rectangular in section, tapering to a pointed tip. The opposite end of the awl is cylindrical in form and tapers a little to a straight edge which may be a break. This end of the object looks as if it has a worked edge which may have been hammered to take a wooden handle The entire object measures 59.20mm in length, 5.32mm in width, and weighs 7.63 g. This type of awl is usually described as Bronze Age in date, although the form does not change much through time and similar objects are also noted in the Roman period and possibly later. The patina on this coukd suggest the latter.
Date: -1600 - 1500

Object type: AWL

Last import: August 15, 2017

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