BROOCH 74705

Description: Copper alloy brooch, probably of early Roman date, now incomplete. The brooch comprises four arms radiating from a central sub-lozenge shaped section. Only two of the arms survive to any significant degree. One arm narrows then expands, foming concave sides, and terminates in what would most likely have been a trefoil terminal with bevelled edges, although one arm of the trefoil and the tip of another is missing. The second arm is considerably narrower than the first, however it takes the same form, again with an arm and tip missing from the trefoil. The third and fourth arms are narrower again, and broken off close to the centre so it is not possible to determine their form, although it is likely they would have been similar to the surviving two. In the centre of the brooch there is a pyramidal boss with a rounded apex. Possible traces of white metal coating on the upper surface. A double pin bar lug survives in the centre of the reverse of the first arm. The reverse is otherwise flat and undecorated. Even mid-green patina.
Date: 101 - 200

Object type: BROOCH

Last import: August 15, 2017

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