HANDAXE 728657

HANDAXE 728657
Description: An elongated-ovate/ cordate flint handaxe of Lower Palaeolithic date (500,000 - 180,000 BC), with convex sides and the butt-end being wider than the cutting-end. The implement has been bifacially worked, with one face being slightly more convex in profile than the other. This face has received little working towards the butt end (with the concentration of flake removals towards the edges), while the other face is worked all over with multi-directional flake removals, tending towards the edges. This latter face also has a slightly-protruding circular flint fossil just off-centre with a much smaller circular hole close to the edge. Both are natural features. The flint is yellow in colour with some darker orangey patches, and some grey patches: The two grey patches occur to either face at the butt end and surround a patch of cortex to either side of the axehead. An orangey-coloured patination is indicative of an early date. The handaxe measures 176mm in length, 90.4mm in max.width and 42.5mm in max.thickness. The rounded cutting edge is 33.5mm wide, the rounded butt edge 54.6mm wide. The edges of the axe thin to 2-3mm thick. The handaxe weighs 622g (to the nearest 2 grams).
Date: -500000 - -180000

Object type: HANDAXE

Last import: August 15, 2017

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