BROOCH 727873

BROOCH 727873
Description: An incomplete Roman (AD 50-150) copper alloy Colchester-derivative brooch, missing the lower bow and catchplate and the shank of the pin. It measures 29.9mm in length and weighs 10.52g. The wings span 22.2mm and are tubular to the reverse with a flat, angled front extending into the bow. Each wing is decorated with three transverse grooves next to the bow. To the reverse is a 3.5mm wide slot for the pin, with the 0.8mm thick triangular sheet pin head in situ. The axis bar is visible at either open end of the wings. The bow is rectangular in cross-section where it extends from the wings, measuring 7.4x8.5mm. it projects at a 90 degree angle from the bow, before curving and dropping vertically to a worn break where it is square in cross-section, measuring 3.7x3.7mm. Much of the original patina has been lost and the surface is largely worn and pitted.
Date: 50 - 150

Object type: BROOCH

Last import: August 15, 2017

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