Description: Cast copper alloy harness fitting. There is a broadly lozenge-shaped terminal with a bevelled edge, giving it a triangular section (W. 21.7mm. Th. 4.2mm). There is a large oval central aperture in the terminal (L. 13.8mm. W. 10mm). One side of the lozenge is lost as the fitting extends into a rectangular shaped bar which is broadly rectangular in section, although the upper surface is slightly convex (L. c. 11mm. W. 8.2m. Th. 3.4mm). The fitting then expands into a generally pentagonal area (L. 41.6mm. W. 20.5mm). On one side of the bar the edge expands into a broadly triangular section, formed by a central semi-circular extension joined to the sides of the bars by convex curves. On the other side of the bar the fitting extends for a short distance then expands a little before tapering sharply. The fitting then expands again into a sub-triangular terminal. There are four apertures, probably rivet holes, within this section. The fitting then continues with a further rectangular shaped bar in line with the other bar which tapers slightly before it is broken off. Patchy light green and reddish-brown patina.
Date: 1000 - 1100


Last import: September 28, 2017

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