WEIGHT 287921

WEIGHT 287921
Description: An incomplete cast copper-alloy circular trade weight of post-medieval (early 18th-century) date. The weight has a low rim (W.: 2.8mm) on its upper surface. Within is a punch at the centre of a slightly concave field. Punched within the rim at 1 o'clock is the sword of St Paul (for the City of London). At 6 o'clock is a ewer (for the Founder's Company, maker of weights), while at 11 o'clock the royal cipher has been struck. This latter is the crowned initial 'A', denoting Queen Anne (1702-1714). At 3 o'clock is an 'A' for 'averdepois'. The lower surface has an annular recess around a central circle. Beyond this the weight is covered with overlapping diagonal incisions and scratches up to the circumference. The sides of the weight are flared slightly. The object has suffered some losses to the rim. Its weight now equates an ounce avoirdupois, assuming a loss of 14% weight through wear and losses. The artefact now has a dull grey/green patina with a dusting of off-white corrosion product.
Date: 1702 - 1714

Object type: WEIGHT

Last import: August 15, 2017

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