BUCKLE 246372

BUCKLE 246372
Description: Incomplete Medieval copper alloy oval buckle frame with ornate outside edge and offset, narrowed bar, missing its pin. It measures 18.39x22.03mm (internal 11.35x19.04mm) and weighs 3.14g. The outside edge, ornate in the round, has a knop turned outwards at either end flanked by a transverse rib. At the centre are two transverse ribs with deep grooves either side, and a slightly shallower decorative groove between these and the knopped ends. The patina is smooth, shiny and dark green in colour. Similar buckle frames from London (Egan & Pritchard 1991 p.73 nos.297 and 299) date to the second half of the fourteenth century, though a wider date range for the general type is 1230-1450.
Date: 1230 - 1450

Object type: BUCKLE

Last import: August 15, 2017

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