Post Box Graffiti at Bank

post box graffiti
Author: mollymakin

Bank is a small, hamlet about 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) south-west of Lyndhurst village centre, and not far from the A35 Christchurch road. Here, there is an eclectic mix of former workers cottages together with higher status buildings constructed by 19th century cultured owners seeking country retreats – the one-time actress and prolific Victorian novelist Mary Elizabeth Braddon for example. The hamlet also boasts a pub, a telephone box and post box, but no other amenities.

It is believed that a post office (or sub-post office) did actually operate for a time in Bank, probably in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and most likely from Old Cottage, outside of which still stands a post box dating back to the reign of George V (1910-36).

Using 35 pictures from different angles, a 3D model of the post box at Bank was created the reason for this was to record the large amount of inscribed graffiti on the bricks of the post box- you can see on the model below that many letters and names such as ‘Eric’ have been carved into the red brick. Perhaps these were engraved by previous residents or tourists more recently? We would be keen to find out if you know anything more about the carvings on the post box at Bank.

Date: 1900

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