Memories of Lyndhurst and Denny Sawmill

Donald Bond
Author: Gareth Owen
An oral history interview with Donald Bond. Interview Date 24/02/2013

Donald Bond was born in 1928 in Lyndhurst. He recalls being at school during the early years of the war, rationing, evacuees and air raids. He went on to work at Denny Saw Mill, now a camp site. Denny sawmill operated during the Second World War and is said to have been the only one in the Forest capable of dealing with large diameter timber. We have numbered the people in the photos and added some of their names. Click on the photo’s ‘More Details’ to see who we know already. If you can add any more detail about them please add your comments.You can see some more Denny Sawmill photos here: Denny Sawmill Photos




Here are the names of those people we have managed to identify in the two group photos. Can you help name any more?

Denny Sawmill A – Numbered
1 = Geno (Italian PoW)
2 = Bill Coffin (Head Sawyer)
3 = George Rockley
4 = Gus Anersty

Denny Sawmill D – Numbered
5 = Jim Harris (2nd Sawyer)
6 = Jim Whitehorn
12 = George Rockley
21 = Donald Bond
23 = Jack Ellis
24 = Italian PoW
26 = Italian PoW
27 = Italian PoW
29 = Isabella (Bella) Ley, nee Whiffin (Crane Driver)
36 = Italian PoW

Denny Sawmill E – Numbered
3 = Jim Harris (2nd Sawyer)
4 = Bill Coffin (Head Sawyer)
5 = Jim Whitehorn (Labour)
6 = Jack Head (Foreman)
7= Wilf Wiltshire (Sawyer)
11 = Ron Hatch (Labour)
12 = Bill Night
13 = Arthur Long
16 = Donald Bond (Sawyer’s Mate)
17 = Jack Ellis
18 = Lin Sims
21 = Joe Newman
23 = Isabella (Bella) Ley, nee Whiffin (Crane Driver)
24 = Miss Lane
27 = Miss Burrows (Head Girl)
30 = George Rockley



Interview Quick Clips

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Full transcription of interview recordings.

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Interviewed by: Sue Jackson
Transcription by: Dru Owen
Audio Editor: Cosmic Carrot


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Date: 1940

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