Memories of a German POW at Setley Camp

Hans Strehlau

An oral history interview with Hans Strehlau.  Interview Date 14/06/13

Hans provides a fascinating insight to his time as a Prisoner of War at Setley PoW Camp 65. He arrived in May 1946 and was billeted in Barrack 16. He worked at Exbury Farm and later at Lepe Farm where he was billeted. He remembers some activities at the camp, namely concerts and a boxing match. When he and his fellow prisoners were discharged, they were given an alien certificate and then they could be paid for their work.

To find out more about the Prisoner of War camp at Setley see the ‘Setley Prisoner of War Camp – Overview’ article.




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Interviewed by: Helen Wallbridge
Transcription by: John Martin
Audio Editor: Cosmic Carrot


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POW Camp

Date: 1946

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