Memories of a Bomber Pilot

Arthur Poore DFC
Author: Gareth Owen

An oral history interview with Arthur Poore DFC.  Interview Date 08/10/2012

Arthur Poore DFC from Southampton took part in a number of bombing raids over German cities during the World War II and would later join the ‘Dambusters’ 617 Squadron. But it was an unscheduled stop in the New Forest which stood out for him as he looked back at his war career. A thick fog stopped hundreds of Lancaster and Halifax bombers from returning to bases on the east coast after a large bombing raid over Stuttgart. They were half way back over the North Sea when they were diverted to Beaulieu Airfield. Dozens of aircraft landed at the quiet air strip in the pitch black with only moments between each landing.

Interview Quick Clips

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Full transcription of interview recordings

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Interviewed by: Sue jackson
Transcription by: Leander Johnson
Audio Editor: Gareth Owen

You can also listen to an interview with Arthur by the Imperial War Museum (IWM).
Poore, Arthur Frank. British officer served as pilot with 106 and 617 Sqdns, RAF in GB, 1942-1944
Catalogue number: 20261

The New Forest Remembers team were told in December 2016 that Arthur Poore DFC had past away.

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Date: 1943

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