Sister’s Accommodation for No.1 New Zealand General Hospital, Brockenhurst

1992.750 A view of Marlpool House Nurses accommodation, No 1 New Zealand General Hospital, Brockenhurst. Photograph: 4/386 Major Henry Masterton Clark. Credit: National Army Museum of New Zealand

A selection of photos of Nurses in Brockenhurst. At least three different houses are visible in these photos that are recorded as Marlpool in the photo albums from the National Army Museum of New Zealand. The New Zealand sister/nurse’s accommodation formed part of the No.1 New Zealand General Hospital.

These photos have been made available by the National Army Museum New Zealand and the whole collection can be found tagged as Brockenhurst here: Brockenhurst

They are from photo albums of nurses: Sister Mary Eleanor Gould, Elfrida Anne Parkinson and patient Major Henry Masterton Clark

These photos depict general views of the accommodation and then a few group shots show nurses and convalescent soldiers in the grounds relaxing or undertaking various tasks such as gardening or tending rabbit hutches.

You can find out more about the activities, sites and stories associated with the hospital by clicking here: No.1 New Zealand General Hospital

Date: 1916
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  1. R R

    This house is not Marlpool House it is St. Andrew’s on the Rhinefield Road, near its junction with Meerut Road, then known as Durham Lodge. You better let the New Zealanders know if they supplied the info!

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