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Do you remember Leaflet
Author: Gareth Owen

Here you can download a digital (.pdf file) copy of our ‘Do You Remember’ leaflet. (See below)

Its strategic location on the south coast meant that the New Forest was crucial to the war effort and was home to a wide range of World War II installations. Some are still visible today, but many have been hidden by soil and vegetation or lost over the years. Current archaeological records provide details of only a small proportion of the actual sites and artefacts that are present in the Forest.

Do you or someone you know:

  • .. remember the New Forest just before, during or shortly after the Second World War?
  • .. have any items, objects, artefacts or memorabilia?
  • .. have any photographs, ID cards, ration books, log books, service cards, posters, tickets and tags, newspapers, supplements, recipe books and guides or any other documents from this period in the New Forest?

The interactive portal is an online archive and holds a wealth of documents, information, photographs, film footage, written and oral histories as well as maps, survey data and 3D computer reconstructions all relating to sites and activities carried out in the New Forest area during WWII.

You can read, see and hear our history, in some cases told by the people that lived through these changing times.

You can get involved in piecing the jigsaw together. Why not register and log in to add your thoughts, knowledge and history.

Once registered you can leave comments and details to already posted material and upload your own or family information of time spent in the New Forest during World War II.

If you know someone that might remember the New Forest during WWII why not send them a link or download and send them this leaflet.

Download a High Res’ Ccpy of the ‘Do You Remember’ leaflet (5.22MB)

Download a Low Res’ copy of the ‘Do You Remember’ leaflet (758KB)



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