Great Testwood House and Mill

Author: Roger Grier

For some years now I have been researching into Great Testwood House and the Water Mill.  There is still a small gap in my research.  It is trying to get information about who was repairing the Army vehicles on the site of the once Great Testwood House.  What company?  Was it Sparshatts?  This was about 1950.  Then there is the question or questions about the Water Mill.  I can remember seeing men working at machinery, maybe lathes which were run by belts and pulley wheels from the water wheel.  What were they making?  Employed by who? And who was it that removed all of that machinery from the mill?

Any information and of course photos would be so nice to have.

Many thanks, Rodge.

I used to live in Stannington Crescent.  Maybe I once swan beside Anne Biffin……..who knows.




Date: 1947

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