Future Forest: Habitats and Hope

Author: Nfknowledge

This colourful and vibrant display is the product of a collaborative project with local schools. In March 2023, the Learning team delivered a funded project ‘Future Forest: Habitats and Hope’ as part of the ‘Wild Escape’. The Project The Wild Escape is a major project uniting hundreds of museums and schools in a celebration of UK wildlife and creativity. Led by the Art Fund and supported by Arts Council England, The Wild Escape is an opportunity for the next generation to join in the conversation about biodiversity. Primary school children (ages 7-11) were invited to find a favourite animal in their local museum and create an artwork imagining its journey to a natural habitat.

Here at the New Forest Heritage Centre, we used the New Forest Embroidery as inspiration for the children to explore the rich wildlife that makes the New Forest their home and to imagine what a hopeful future should look like for the New Forest if we were to be mindful of biodiversity loss.

Schools worked with • The New Forest Small School, 24 pupils, aged 7-11yrs • Bartley Junior School, 19 pupils from year groups 3-5


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