Families living in Setley Ex POW Camp

Setley Camp post war

Believe it or not my brother & I of young a family of 6 children have fond memories of the community life that sprung-up over night at Setley after the war. The years were about 1947 to 1951.  There must be families out there that have photos of those years. Our dad was anyway most of the time at work. Aircraft Engineer (ATA officer during the war training pilots)

Anthony (tony) Robinson P.Eng

The photo for this article is taken from the following account uploaded by Martin Curtis: Setley Prisoner of War Camp – Post War Civilian Occupation

You can find out more about the history of Setley Prisoner of War camp along with the stories of the people there all linked together in the article: Setley Prisoner of War Camp – Overview


Date: 1946
  1. Anthony (tony) Robinson

    I would like to see the history of the families that lived in these camps from about the late 40’s to early 50’s. there must be some records of some sort, it was full. The modelling you have done is amazing, we were to trying to figure out which hut we were living in.

  2. NFNPA Archaeology

    We have a selection of photos and paintings done when it was still a POW camp, which we will be uploading soon, but it would be great to see some photos from later years when it was adapted by the families that were moved there. It would be great if you could upload an image of the identity card to this article or if you are happy to pass a photo or copy to us we can do it for you.

  3. martin curtis

    I’ve uploaded pictures of post war Setley Camp. I hope they are of interest
    Martin Curtis

  4. Gareth Owen

    Setley Camp when used for council housing had a cattle grid at the main entrance. As you come to the first junction the hut in front of you was the shop where you presented your coupons that you had saved for sweets.

    Turn right and the hut in front was used for entertainment and Sunday school meetings. I fell off my bike on the cattle grid and my leg went down between the round rails which had to be removed to get me out.

    Punishment was bike was taken off me for 1 month and only given back on the promise to slow down.

    Added by Rolant Townshend

    1. NeilKilmartin

      I would be interested in more info regarding the site as I am compiling an account of the time my family lived there at 5 Bracken Road. We were there from 1948-1951. I have no memories of it as I was born in 1950. If you would consider contacting me, I would be pleased to hear from you! Neil Kilmartin, Port Perry ON Canada neilmkilmartin at gmail dot com

  5. Gareth Owen

    I lived with my parents at Setley Camp for a while after the war, we moved there from Beaulieu Camp. I have a few childhood memories of my time there. Mr Munden’s shop. Mr and Mrs Alcock running the Sunday School. The man who came once a week to do the picture show. I think that we lived in number 8 Gorse Road. I remember also playing in what I believed to be pits at the rear of the camp and being scared by the other children telling us younger children thst there were dead people buried there. This was around 1949/50.
    Historic date: 1947
    Added by Margaret Broomfield

  6. NeilKilmartin

    I have recently found out more details regarding my family’s link with the Setley huts. Upon receiving my baptismal record from Brockenhurst’s St. Anne’s RC church this past week, I noted that my address was indicated on the record as “5 Bracken Road, Setley, Brockenhurst”.

    After reviewing some of my late father’s archival info’ i was able to determine the following chronology.
    -My parents lived at the Beaulieu Airdrome site 1947-1948
    -They moved to the Setley site in 1948.
    -I was born Aug. 1950.
    -my godparents were Peter and Eva Foster. (I know nothing further about this couple, other than their status as my godparents)
    -We moved to the purpose built council houses on Sway Road in 1951.

    I would love to know if anyone has any info’ that might be relevant to my ongoing project, documenting my family’s transitions during and immediately after the war years. Anything would be appreciated, including commentary, anecdotes, photos and similar items. As we’re aging, I understand that there’s fewer people who can share suitable info, but I’d be happy with anything.

    Neil Kilmartin
    Port Perry ON, Canada
    neilmkilmartin at gmail dot com.

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