Setley POW Camp – Post war civilian occupation

Setley Camp post war

I’ve uploaded 4 pictures of post war Setley camp. I found these pictures whilst researching my family tree. Judging by the age of my sister, who appears in these pictures, these photos were taken around 1949 – 1950. Interesting one is the one showing my sister walking in the grass and the massive barbed wire fence from the POW camp still in place behind her. The others show her sitting in a high chair outside one of camp huts.

I know that my parents, after demob and marriage, moved into Setley camp ex POW camp, along with other local civilian families.

I would be very interested in any information regarding the post war Setley camp that would help in my research.

Hope these are of interest and i’ll try and find some more out if they exist.

I know my family moved out and into Totton in 1952.

M. Curtis

You can find out more about the history of Setley Prisoner of War camp along with the stories of the people there all linked together in the article: Setley Prisoner of War Camp – Overview


Date: 1946
  1. NFNPA Archaeology

    Brilliant photos, thank you for sharing these with us. We will keep searching for more families and stories associated with the post war period as it is all part of the history and story of the New Forest and there must be some brilliant stories, memories and photos out there, which it would be great to bring together and look at the community rather than just the POW element to the camp.
    thank you

  2. Rose Chiverton

    Thank you so much for posting this.My dad was an Italian POW and was featured in the Exhibiton last year! It gives me something to link to. More please

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