From November 2014 to February 2016 the New Forest National Park Authority has been running the New Forest Remembers WWI project telling the story of the New Forest during the First World War 1914 – 1918. This project was funded by the NFNPA and ExxonMobil at Fawley and follows on from our very successful Heritage Lottery funded New Forest Remembers; untold stories of WWII project. The WWI project has enabled us to expand this online archive to include WWI material and hold a temporary exhibition at the New Forest Centre in Lyndhurst running from Feb to 1 May 2016.

Both these projects have held a number of very successful events and exhibitions since January 2012 and we are now able to loan out the exhibition panels and activities*. Full details are below with images of the units and display material above. If you are interested and want to know more please contact us via: communications@newforestnpa.gov.uk.

Heritage Portal leaflet Download.
It focuses on the WWII material of the site but all the links within it will take you to the current expanded portal covering both WWI and WWII in the New Forest.
Leaflet download – Interactive Portal, our online archive

New Forest Remembers WWI project material

WWI Exhibition
On display from 6 Feb – 1 May 2016 at the New Forest Centre Lyndhurst was the New Forest Remembers WWI exhibition. Discover personal stories, photos and documents revealing the role of the New Forest during the Great War of 1914 to 1918 and the impact it had on local residents.

During May 2016 the panels were on display in the reception area of the New Forest National Park Authority, Town hall, Lymington.

Travelling Exhibition
The New Forest Remembers WWI project travelling exhibition panels with display boards/stands are available to book to visit your venue please contact us for more details or to request a loan.

  1. 700×900 (Intro panel) New Forest Remembers: untold stories of World War I
  2. (900×900) The Indian camp at Ashurst
  3. (900×900) Treating the wounded
  4. (900×900) The dogs of war
  5. (900×900) The latest technology of war
  6. (900×900) Commemoration, honouring and remembering
  7. (900×900) ‘The loss of man and boy’
  8. (900×900) Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War
  9. (900×900) Redlynch’s call to arms
  10. (900×900) Training for the trenches
  11. (900×900) Transformed by war
  12. (900×900) The troops start to arrive
  13. (900×900) Waterside auxiliary hospitals
  14. (400×400) (Exit panel) Continue your journey…

(Panel dims in mm)
New Forest Remembers; untold stories of WWII project material

Station Panels

Created for the 2012 New Forest Show and used again for our temporary exhibition at the New Forest Centre in 2013 these eight panels focus of different locations in the forest.

  1. Ashley Walk – Experimental bombing range
  2. Brockenhurst – Arrival of evacuees
  3. Burley – Tanks and training
  4. Holmsley – They flew from the Forest
  5. Ibsley Common – Detection of friend or foe
  6. Lepe – The build up to D-Day
  7. Setley Plain – Prisoners of War
  8. Wilverley Plain – Digging for victory

Panel dimensions:  height 2100mm (6’ 11”) x 900mm (2’11”) wide

Station Panel Quiz Boxes
Each station panel can be enhanced with the addition of a discovery box.  These reproduction British and USA WWII Military Ration boxes each contain a coded clue to the answer to a question. The clues are related to each station and visitors are encouraged to visit each station to gain all the coded answers before deciphering to gain the final answer. Two boxes can be set up to hold objects under a Perspex screen and two are interactive with the remainder full of rations (inserted screen image). Quiz sheet available (while stocks last) including answer cards.

Temporary Exhibition Intro panel
This panel was made for our Temporary Exhibition at the New Forest Centre in 2013 and introduces the project and the online archive the Interactive Portal.
Panel dimension: 900mm (2’11”) square

Mapping Data Display Unit

Made for our Temporary Exhibition at the New Forest Centre in 2013 this display unit is a gentle introduction to GIS (Global Information Systems) ‘Teaching old maps new tricks’. A fixed back-lit base map shows the 1909 OS map of the New Forest and surrounding area. There are four transparent panels that can be pulled across the base map showing different layers of data.

  1. LiDAR (find out more about our LiDAR)
  2. Modern day aerial photography
  3. National Mapping program data
  4. War Diary points

Please note

  • This unit is very heavy and must be fixed to a wall or very sturdy exhibition surface.
  • The unit requires power via a normal 3-pin plug.
  • It is possible to replace, with new graphics, the base map and pull across panels. If you are interested in this please contact us via: communications@newforestnpa.gov.uk.

Unit dimensions:  height 1110mm (3’ 8”) x 1800mm (5’11”) wide x 170mm (7”) thick

Travelling Exhibition

The New Forest Remembers WWII Project’s Travelling Exhibition is now available for loan. Explore five topics ranging from airfields to Home Guard and find out about sites you can visit in the Forest and still see and touch the remains of this ‘Most Secret’ of places only 70 years ago.

This exhibition consists of eight panels with a minimum loan of two panels (panels 1 and 8) and a preferred loan period of no less than one month.  Display boards also included.

  1. Introduction
  2. Flying high
  3. Women at war
  4. Wartime children
  5. D-Day began in the New Forest
  6. Home Guard
  7. We will remember them
  8. Reminders of the past

Panel dimensions:   900mm (2’11”) square


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