East Boldre Airfield – Beaulieu Training Depot Station (S.W. Area; No 8 Group)

AIR 11/180. Beaulieu Training Depot Station 1919 - Airfield Plan
Author: Gareth Owen

New documents uncovered (by an aviation historian) in The National Archives shed a little more light on the WWI airfield at East Boldre. Held within AIR 11/180, Quarterly surveys of RAF Stations dated 1919 are details on the ‘Beaulieu Trg Depot Station (S.W. Area; No 8 Group)’.

Site plan with building information, similar to the WWII Assets Plans of the WWII airfields in the area, informs us of the use and dimensions for some of the buildings.

The already known and usual buildings e.g. Women’s Hostel, Officers’ Mess, Aeroplane Sheds are listed; one surprise is the possibility of a Bomb-dropping Tower!

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Date: 1919

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