Balmer Lawn – Satellite Site of New Zealand General Hospital No.1

1992.750 A view of the Balmer Lawn Hotel officer complex, part of the No 1 General Hospital site at Brochenhurst. Photograph: 4/386 Major Henry Masterton Clark. Credit:National Army Museum of New Zealand

Balmer Lawn and its surrounding land was donated to the war effort by Mrs Morant of Brockenhurst Park and it formed part of the Lady Hardinge Hospital for wounded Indian soldiers between 1914 and 1915.

In 1916 the main hospital complex and its satellite sites such as Balmer Lawn became part of the No.1 New Zealand General Hospital staffed and operated by the New Zealand Medical Corps. The main hospital headquarters were located at what is now Tile Barn Outdoor centre.

Under New Zealand operation Balmer Lawn became an Officer only site.

There are a selection of photos from Christmas 1917 at Balmer Lawn here.

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Date: 1916

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