Airfield Bombing Decoy Q160b

Control Bunker at the Airfield Bombing Decoy Site Q160b
Airfield bombing decoy Q160b, Control Bunker at Moors Valley Golf Course. Photo © Mike Searle(cc-by-sa/2.0)
Author: Gareth Owen

A Second World War ‘Q-type’ bombing decoy located at Moors Valley Country Park, Verwood (SU 100 066). It was built to deflect enemy bombing from Royal Air Force Hurn airfield and later used for Royal Air Force Ibsley airfield. This ‘Q-type’ night decoy site displayed a series of lights to simulate an active airfield. It is referenced as being in use between 18-JUN-1942 and 12-AUG-1942.

Aerial photography from 1981 shows an uncovered control building standing on the site in reasonable condition, with its south-east entrance fronted by a blast wall. A further bombing decoy for Royal Air Force Hurn was located at Ridley Plain and a second decoy for Royal Air Force Ibsley was located at Woodgreen.

Monument Number:    1466158

To see some more images of the site visit geography.


Date: 1942
  1. The control bunker for this decoy is still extant and in good condition on the 9th green of the Moors Valley golf course.

  2. NFNPA Archaeology

    Hi Mike, I wasn’t aware of this so thank you, will have a look at the Lidar and other data sources. You don’t happen to be a member and have a photo do you?

  3. Sorry for the late response, just seen the reply. Photographs of the bunker are readily available under the CC Licence on the Geograph website. The first in the series can be seen here: . Then click on the links below each description to see the others in the series.

    Some hard work by a team of conservation volunteers at the Moors Valley Country Park have ensured its preservation for the next 75 years, who have also done some considerable amount of research on the site itself.

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