Air Raid shelters

Author: Mike Race

I am searching for photographs of the air raid shelters in the recreation ground in Lymington at the top of Emsworth Road, near where the Parish Hall used to stand.  Can anyone help?  I used to play on these as a kid, riding my bike up and own the mounds all the way round the perimeter of the ground.  My dad and me used to play cricket against the concrete slabs on each mound.

Date: 1942
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  1. Gareth Owen

    Hi Mike
    Freda Jones (Memories of a Lymington school girl) recalls her times, missing lessons, in the schools local bomb shelters and there is one photo showing the children in front on one (Class at Lymington Junior School 1947 – in front of a bomb shelter). Freda couldn’t recall exactly where the shelters were but they could have been the ones you remember on the recreation ground.

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