AXEHEAD 988903

AXEHEAD 988903
Description: A fragment of Late Bronze Age (1150-800 BC) socketed axehead, consisting of the cutting edge only and broken at the very end of the socket. The cutting edge is curved and the 'corners' of it splayed. Both faces are heavily pitted and a bluey-green in colour. The base of the socket measures 28.6mm in length and 1.5mm in width at the worn break, which shows a lentoid or elongated pointed-oval cross-section. The fragment measures 19.8mm in length, 49.8mm in max.width, 8.9mm in max.thickness (at the break), 1.3mm in min.thickness (at the cutting edge) and weighs 29.38g.
Date: -1150 - -800

Object type: AXEHEAD

Last import: September 22, 2022

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